Monday, November 10, 2008

A few more layouts..

This one is Renee by KimB's Designs...

This one is retrodiva's cowgirl...

This beautiful kit is Un Souvenir by Kyra at With a Russian/Dutch Heart..


Kyra said...

Don't know if the comment is published so I do another one. I did levae a message for you on another blog of yours and one in my shoutbox. Lovely layout from my kit. I will not change my layout now, because I just changed it, and it will be too comfusing for my visitors, LOL. Keep making these lovely layouts. Lots of greetings,

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I love that top rose background!
I'm a little nervous to make any changes on my blog lest I cannot get my old one back if it does not work.
But I do so thank you for having such a lovely site. (maybe I'll get brave one of these days.) =)


barbara jean


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