Sunday, November 30, 2008

Treasured Friends...

I received this lovely award today from a 'Treasured Friend', Kyra..(Thank you Girlfriend)
Now I would like to 'gift' it to 5 ppl who have helped me along the way...Some in ways they don't even know about...Where would we be without our treasured friends?
Mo- luv ur Gimp tutorials
Loucee- luv ur crafty tutorials
KimB- luv ur work/blog
Summer- ur blog 'lifts me up'
Sammy- ur lovely blog takes me on vacation (lol)
Thank you my friends...


Maureen (Mo) Buttner-Jenkins said...

You are too kind, thanx muchly Cat.
hugs Mo

Sammy said...

Thanks so much Cat. Will post this on my blog in the next day or so. Have to find 5 friends lol. By the way, have just posted our latest trip away on my blog if you are interested.

Kim B said...

OOOh Cat how cool are these blog LO's girl! I'm loving them!
And thanks so so much for this- I'm deeply honoured ;-)
First time receiving this one- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!



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