Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Column Blog Layouts that fill the screen...

I am so excited to announce that these two column blog layouts now fill the screen.. No more white stripes on the sides of the background..Woo Hoo...OK..I am one of those old fashioned ppl that doesn't even think about putting any thing up for Christmas until 'after' this week I am seeing so many bloggers already 'dressed up' for the holidays , and it got me thinking maybe its not too lovely kit is 'Giving' from Summertime Designs...a freebie in 4 parts..Stop by Summer's blog and pick it up...Happy Turkey Day everybody !!!

1 comment:

Kyra said...

You did beat me putting up already Christmas layouts. Just was checjing mail and only afterwards got to my blog and the following list, LOL. Are you going to make more?
Happy Thanksgiving!


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