Friday, October 2, 2009

Like My New Blog Banner ? Want one?

It's up there under my blog header.. 'Come Dress Up Your Blog with Me' ..
Here's how I did it..

Sign into blogger.. go to 'layout' - 'edit html' -
Scroll down the 'Edit Template' window until you see the text in the screenshot below.. ( it's almost at the bottom)

Just Click on the screen shots to see them full size.. (this is a first for me.. Posting screenshots.. I do hope I get better at ..)

Now change the '1' beside 'maxwidgets' to '2'.. Change 'showaddelement' to 'yes'.. ( be sure to leave the  '  's in the code )

Now skip the middle 'showaddelement'.. and change the lower 'showaddelement' to 'yes'..

It will look like this;

 Now click on 'Save Template'.. When you go to your blog layout - page elements - you will have a new gadget box for your header and your blog posts..  The gadget box above the header is where I added my new banner.. I added it as 'new gadget' - 'picture' - then just moved it below the header..  And I just love it !!

Hope this will be helpful to you.. And as always, just drop me a line if I can be of any help to you..


Ginger said...

I did this awhile ago and it was much much harder. Then I had to do it again because I did something wrong. Anyway what I'm trying to say is your directions are by far the easiest to follow. I want to thank-you.

Cat said...

Ginger, you are very Welcome..
I'm so glad you stopped by..


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