Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sidebar Photo Frames...

Garden frame..Wouldn't this look lovely on your Shabby/Garden blog?   Click on it and save this image to your computer, pop your photo behind it (with Photoscape) and add it to your sidebar..

Tea time frame.. How about this one on your Shabby/Collectors/Decorators  blog?  Or maybe you just like Pink !  Anywhere you want to use them, hope you enjoy 'Dressing Up' your blogs with these lovelies..

Note;  Frames are large for this post (click on the frame to see its size) they are made at 185 pixels to fit nicely in your sidebars..

Enjoy your day..

credits; Cajoline Garden & Tea Time kits..


Lucy said...

Hi Cat! I am going ga-ga over your blog and all the great backgrounds, headers, etc. I'm coming back when I have a bit more time!
Just wanted to tell you thankyou for the beautiful blog and all!


MERCI pour les lampes ! je les ai postées sur mon blog ...
Tu as un Sunshine Award qui t'attend sur mon blog en signe de remerciement et pour te dire que j'apprécie beaucoup ton site.



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