Friday, July 23, 2010

Design your own Twitter background..

Do you Twitter?  Would you like to design your very own Twitter background?  Well, now you can.. I'm so pleased to share this awesome site with you today..

Here's the link..
Now go to the site and click on 'use without signing in'.. Or you could 'sign in' if you want to..
Click on the blank (white) window selection and let's get started..

1st- pick your screen resolution over there on the right side.. (mine is 1440 x 900)

2nd - Add your image.. Use your blogs header image.. Just browse your computer files for the image you'd like to use.. Now you can resize it by clicking on one corner and dragging it to the size you like.. And just move it where you want it to be..

3rd- Add any text you want.. Choose your font and colour.. Now just type it in.. click on 'place text'.. click and drag it where you want it.. (you can resize it too)

4th- Now you can change your sidebar,text,link and border colours.. And see the changes right before your eyes.. ( gotta love that)

5th- When you like what you've made, click on 'Generate Image'.. I clicked on 'Save Image'..  to save it in my computer files.. Now you will see the instructions on how to upload your new background to your Twitter page.. ( If you need some help with this, just drop me a line.. I'd be happy to help you..)

Want to see what I made? Just click on my Twitter icon up there on my right sidebar..

Hope ya'll have as much fun with this as I have..  I'd love to see what you make.. (smiles)

Enjoy your day, my friends.. xoxo..


Maria Mcclain said...

hi kat, nice post & good blog, i think u must try this site to increase traffic. have a nice day & keep blogging!!!

Cat said...

Thanks Maria, I'll check out that link.. (smiles)
So glad you stopped by..


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