Monday, July 12, 2010

Watermark your photos...

Today I would like to show you a fun and easy way to Watermark your photos.. With
It's a wonderful and FREE online photo editor.. To get started just upload the photo you'd like to work with.. Now move your curser up there on the menu bar where it say's 'Draw', and click on 'text tool'.. Type in your text ( your name or your blog title).. Now you can choose from a variety of fonts, your colour and size.. Now just click and drag your text on the photo where you want it..Click 'Apply text'.. Now scroll down a bit, see where it say's 'Save to'? Click on computer.. You have just saved it in your computer files..(mine are saved in 'downloads' file) Now you can use it in your blog posts or as a new picture gadget for your sidebar..  Here's one I made of our sweet grandaughter Emma Mae.. Oh how she loves the flowers (smiles) and the water dripping on her feet..

Have fun with it, my friends..
I'd love to see what you've made using this awesome editor.. Would you be so kind and show me by leaving your link here to share?



Hi Cat.Thank´s for the tip =)
I put a link for you too =)
Awesome site.I do all my headers there and you can also do photos like yours.
Hugs Kicki.

Cat said...

Hi Kicki. Thank you for the fab link.. You do make beautiful headers, girlfriend.. Now I know where you get those pretty fonts! I'll have fun checking out this site..(smiles)

Now go ahead and put your blog in the linky.. (wink) I've been dying to try it out.. :)

Wyocntry said...

Hi there, what about the cursor that drops little plus signs as you move it on the page...that is cute?!


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