Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shabby Three Frame Header Template..

Here's a sweet and shabby Header Template for you to play with.. (smiles)  Just take it over to FotoFlexer and make it your own..
Enjoy your day, my friends..

I've made a little video tutorial for you to watch.. It's all about adding your blog title to the top of your new header..  FotoFlexer makes it soo very easy to do.. Gotta Love that !!
(send me a link to your blog, I'd love to see what you've created.. smiles..) 


Pink Lady said...

oh... how beautiful is that!!! i really love all your frames and headers and all that stuff! i´m a big fan!!! :]

Cat said...

Thank you soo much, Pink Lady..
I'm happy to hear that ..

Pink Princess said...

Hello, I have JUST found you. Thank you so much for the pretty banner plus the tutorial...it was a
"breeze" well sort of lol. I have used FotoFlexer as well...usually use Picnik.

Please come check out my blog plus my new header :)



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