Monday, October 25, 2010

Trick or Treat ??

 Now aren't these just the cutest Trick or Treaters?  We wouldn't be frightened at all if they suddenly appeared on our doorstep.. Or would we??   Hope you enjoy this vintage Halloween set.. There's one for your two column blogs and one for your three column..  Just copy and paste the given code into your blogs design layout gadget..

Have a Happy Halloween Everybody..


Kicki said...

This background it´s just stunning.A real cutie.Well done =)
Hugs Kicki.

Grace said...

Dear Cat,

I love your blog designs, especially your cute buttons!!!!:)

I was wondering how you make HTML's for blog buttons, or if you know a link for a good tutorial. Blog buttons are so useful when you want to advertise for a blog party or giveaway (which I shall be hosting in a few months). I use to know a link for a good tutorial; however, the blog was closed a few months ago, and I am very sad:).
Keep up the good work!

Many Blessings,

catz said...

I love this background.........was going to add it to my blog, but when I copied and tried to ad it, it did not show up! I have added several different backgrounds, but for some reason, I cannot get yours...please help...catz!


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