Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage Rose Signature Freebie..

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.. Today we have a sweet rose signature for you to make your very own.. Here's the sample we made for you at FotoFlexer.. Just right click on the blank image below, save it to your computer and take it over to your favorite photo editing site to add your name..

Now you'll need to upload your new signature image to Tinypic or your favorite photo sharing site.. Use the 'HTML for Websites' to upload your image to your blog..  Now to upload to your blog, go to your dashboard, go to settings, formatting, scroll down to 'post template', paste your image html in the box, Save it.. Now when you add a new post, your new signature will be there waiting for you..


Mary said...

Thank you. It's lovely and I can't wait to use it on my blog.

Amber Rose said...

Hi Cat been a while. These are very pretty. I saw one of your designs amd can not find it, again I am hoping to get back to you, Thank you, Amber ( did not get the name, Still looking!

melissa said...

I'm using one of your backgrounds now and just LOVE it. Your work is so beautiful and your blog is very sweet to read. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your talent. :)


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