Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shabby White Wall..


Today I have something Shabby and White to share with you.. This one was requested from a blog follower.. Hope you like it and that you can use it.. (smiles)

If you're like me and still using the 'Minima' template for Blogger, just copy and paste the html code under the photo into your blogs background gadget.. Easy Peasy..

If  you're using one of Blogger's new template designs, just right click on the photo and save it in your files.. Then upload it in your Blogger Template Designer/Backgrounds..

Enjoy your day..


Gwendolyn said...

Oh my gosh!! I love it , I love it! I am going to apply it directly to my blog.
Hugs and blessings~

A Kitchen Witch said...

I don' t know, but the name "shabby white cracks" made me and my daughter smile ; )

Cat said...

lol.. I was laughing out loud as I pressed 'publish' but it was already too late to rename it.. Oh well..

To Gwendolyn; I'm soo glad you like it.. Hugs..

Gwendolyn said...

You are awsome! I have been looking for a button for my blog that says it is a award free blog. Do you have one of those?

Gwendolyn said...

Hi Cat,
I hate to be a pain... I loved this, but now that it is fall, I am looking for a warmer color... Is it possible that you could do one like this in a turquoise and chocolate color? Note the name of my blog. If you could do this for me, I would soooooooooooo appreciate it and I will do a post just for you and your wonderful blog. Perhaps even in the future you could design for me a page and header and button and I could pay you..... at the moment I can't afford it. Let me know what you think... You can email me at
Thanks so much, blessings!


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