Monday, November 14, 2011

Wishing you a Happy November ??

Here's a lovely new background for you.. I'm lovin' these colours and textures.. Hope you enjoy it..
And this sweet header to make it a set.. (smiles)

Isn't it hard to believe its November already??  I'm wondering where this whole year has gone.. ??
Three months here and Four months there and Gone.. I must take More Photos next year.. lol.. to mark the months and then actually Scrapbook them..  In a Real Book.. Yeah, that's the plan..

 Right click on blank header, Save it, then take it over to FotoFlexer or LunaPic and make it your very own.. 
Just have fun with it.. 

Credit; Manu

1 comment:

tomboysuz said...

I love your site. Stumbled across whilst looking for some Church Music actually. Not sure how I got here, but so pretty here, I want to stay. Thank you for your sweet and kind heart and all the beautiful things you have shared from your imagination. Eps. love rose petals from heaven.
Deo Gratias,


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