Thursday, November 6, 2014

6 Easy steps to make a Custom Header for your blog

using PicMonkey..

Here's the header I designed for my friend Jenny..

1) Go over to and click on 'design'.

2) Click on 'custom canvas'.

3) Size at 1040 x 300 px.

4) Click on the butterfly icon in Basic edits. (this is the overlay feature) Click 'your own' - import your images from your computer files - resize them to fit. ( I also imported a label element from my files for the title.) You can change its color- or not..

5) Add your blog's title. Click on 'Tt' for text. Choose your font. Resize to fit label. You can add a tagline if you like.

6) Save it. Name it and save it as a png file.

Done. Now upload your custom header image to your blogs layout page.

I hope this tutorial was easy and fun for you...

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