Monday, September 14, 2009

Your Chance to Design Your Own Blog Background and Header

Wouldn’t it fun to design ur own blog background and header?  Well, here’s ur chance.. Just jot down what you would like to see here and send me a comment.. I’ll fill as many requests as I can.. I think this will be a really fun way to get some new inspiration.. And hopefully please a few blogger friends.. So, what are ya waiting for?  Send me some ideas..  

Happy blogging,


Natalia said...

Hello I really luv your designs and recieved an email about being able to design a blog layout . I sell baby boutique girly products and would luv to see something maybe pink with diamonds - carriages or crowns . Thanks Would really luv to see the results !!!


Sharon said...

Your designs are very unique and beautiful. I would like to see a red check of some kind with an easy to read center part. I love a little country with a more femine look. But I just love reds! I can see these are going to be a challenge for you. Bless you for giving us these designs!

kay said...

Hi, I love all your designs & have them on my blogs. I received your email about designing your own, I have a memorial blog site, where I write names in the sand for people who have lost their loved ones, especially their babies, which is also linked in with my facebook group called "Remembering Our Angels Forever By The Sea". I would love a design of, seaviews, beach scenes & seashells, or even a design of angels and fairys, especially to honour all of our angel babys that grew their wings too soon. Thank you, all your designs are absouletely fantastic & I also look forward to seeing every new design that you come up with. Thankyou so very, very much.
Kay xoxoxoxo

kay said...

Hi its me again, I was also wondering about a design of angels, their wings and also cherubs xoxoxoxo

passions and soapboxes said... blogs name is passions and soapboxes so I would like to see something with books or reading along with various antique soapboxes both political and not.Something that says blogging and why we blog.

kay said...

Thank you Cat, for your lovely email, I did forget to mention my memorial blog site is "Eternal Names By The Sea" Although I only have a plain black background on that one at the moment, but if you could have a look at it please, & also click on the pictures to my other blogs on there, to see what designs of your I have used, as I love them all. If you have a chance I have also made a video that I put on youtube dedicated to all the angels names I have written in the sand & to their devasted mummys. The link to the video is:
Please let me know what you think & any ideas you may have.
Thankyou so very much again xoxoxoxo

Jacqueline said...

Anything for boys? I own a boys online store and looking for a cool background that will go with my logo. I like simple, yet bright and colorful. Currently it is plain background.
thanks ;)

Lime said...

LOL! This is a riot to read! Exactly all the things I *don't* want bundled up into the 7 previous posts! I like newsprint and red and kind of an aqua light blue. Shabby Princess calls it "lobster" and "sea".

I have in my mind a cream colored woven fabric with a sea blue shabby damask print on the outside. The writing area plain cream canvas, but very textured. Between the damask and the writing area is a border of lobster red with cream polka dots (think dotted Swiss fabric, with very little dots). Maybe some curtain texture as if it is hanging?

Then a bunch of Dover stamps decorating shabby tags hung with shabby ribbons for the things you click on (not sure what they're called)

I'm out of season, though aren't I?
But I hate brown, and I don't want orange pumpkins and big ole turkeys or leaves (got enough of those here)

Maybe keep the idea, but make the colors a little darker for fall?

The header should have some newsprint title and newsprint flowers or something. Actually, I like your header. I'm out of's exhausting work! ROTFL!

Star Shadow said...

Your layouts are unique and beautiful I have been looking for an angel header kinda vintage however, well hopefully a 3 column template as well

Anyway if you wanted to discuss it more or anything email me at

Dolly said...

Vintage cherries....
all the cherry back grounds I see are too cartoony.
I want elegant /vintage/ girly cherries, Reds, creams and minty jadiete greens.
I know you can do....I am in awww with what I have seen so far!

Thank you,
Smiles, Dolly


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